Currently No A/C but Knitting is on the Brain


Hubby is trying to fix the A/C.  He is a bit on the frustrated side at the moment, which I can totally understand at the moment.  For myself I am trying very hard to stay out of his way and just letting the world and my body relax as much as is possible because my body, especially the left leg, just doesn’t like me at the moment.  Hopefully the physical therapy that is slated to commence this next week will help me begin to correct that problem, although it is going to be painful, or so I’ve heard.

Since there is even more pain on the horizon, I am planning even more knitting.  Currently I am working on a dishcloth that was already supposed to have been mailed off.  Unfortunately, when migraines are really bad you can’t knit.  I know because I have discovered the varying degrees of migraines and exactly what you can and cannot do when you are having one of those suckers!  However, with pain and its varying degrees, there appears to be much you can do to distract yourself and make the days better.  So, I am planning more knitting projects as well as some much needed sewing projects, and am really going to just listen to my body and sleep when the body decides it is time to do so, because otherwise I am just going to remain exhausted on a semi-continuous basis.

Sometimes it feels as if I am not taking full steps forward, just tiny little jerky ones, but forward is still the direction I reckon I’m still moving, so this is good.


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