Hubby, Books, Knitting, and Friends Makes Me Happy


The Ghost: A NovelI am in a very strange place at the moment emotionally and physically: the pain is different and quite bad in the left leg these days.  Thankfully the A/C is fixed, thanks Rae, and the pain is better in spots.  So, I am knitting as it hits and I am reading.  Currently I am reading the book you see here and working on dishcloths because I need some in order to get the work around the house out of the way when I feel like doing any work at all that is – I am just taking one day at a time and being as positive as I can.

Sunday was mine and Hubby’s 12 year wedding anniversary.  It was a sad one in some ways because I had  a migraine and so we celebrated it more on Memorial Day, which was yesterday, Monday, than on Sunday.  We went to dinner with some friends and a movie.  We saw Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and, to be honest, we really should have waited until it was out on Netflix or something.  It needed something, like real Persians/Arab actors for instance, and real stunts, not CG.  I won’t get into too much detail for those of you who haven’t seen it – let it suffice to say I was disappointed.

Still, Hubby and I were together, and that’s all that mattered.  We have been together through the good and the bad, and that, I know, is all that really matters.

I love you my darling.


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