Taking Up the Hubby’s Challenge


Silver Borne (Mercy Thompson, Book 5)Finished the previous book and have begun this one you see here.  I have completely fallen in love with the Mercy Thompson books!  I am caught up in the series and am seriously going to hate to see it end if it ever does.  Not thinking about this.  Not thinking about this.  NOT thinking about this.  LOL!

The pain is better in the left leg.  I believe it is due a lot of prayers by myself, friends, and family, qi gong, and the water exercises that were begun.  The water exercises seems to have helped my arthritic body more than they have helped the nerve pain, but I am taking the good in any form I can receive it these days.  The beautiful summer days are not hurting in the least of course.  Today it is just 84*F and not so humid with beautiful fluffy clouds floating blissfully in the most beautiful of blue skies.

A while ago the Hubby challenged me to knit a book in a year and make every single item in the book fit either me or him out of the yarn of choice of him or me.  Yeah, do you who knit see a problem there?  Well, in an argument that happened this weekend he called me a coward and said I didn’t have the tits for the challenge and that I wasn’t a true knitter.  So, now I ask you – How do you take a pattern that calls for two strands of fingering weight yarn and use worsted weight yarn because that’s what the husband wants and make a sweater that fits?  He says its just numbers.  I’m not at all sure.  Anyone have any advice?


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