Hope Awakens


Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)There have been a few books between the last Patricia Briggs novel and this one.  There have been posts over at The News but no knitting.  Why?  Depression.  Serious depression and a loss of hope and the return of a fighting spirit and then…well, then came a different type of hope and finally the pain got better then worse then back and forth.  It’s been an odd summer folks.

The long and the short of it is, over.  Yesterday my buddy moved my knitting basket, one of my knitting baskets I should correctly say, close to where I could get it and I picked up my drop spindle and spun a few inches and then I looked at the yarn that hadn’t been touched in ages and my hands tingled.

They tingled and they twitched in that knitterly way, not in the pain way they’ve been doing for most of the summer.

There are tons of presents to knit for Christmas and promised thises and thats and I decided there are things I could actually make for myself that might actually benefit my neck and maybe help me sleep of a night much better than what I am doing now.  I could actually knit a nice felted pillow, fill it and make a couple of back-ups if needed and then make pillow slips for them and maybe that would help me support this neck of mine and then I could rest more peacefully and not have some of the pain and migraines I am currently undergoing.  PLUS I could also undergo some of the presents I need to make for Christmas before Christmas could even get close!

I kept looking at the basket and my heartbeat just eased up a little as if everything was slowly beginning to ease back into its place. 

Since I’ve never felted anything before but have always wanted to do so, and since I need to pick up the needles and start do my knitting again, everything is right about perfect to begin again.  It’s wonderful, and I don’t feel so lost any more somewhere inside.


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