The Months Are Changing


As August is changing to September my mind is turning back towards knitting.  Is it unusual to put down the knitting needles for the Summer sometimes and pick them up again for the Fall and Winter?  This summer I have knit very few stitches.  I’ve thought about knitting a lot, but I’ve actually done very little of it.  Now that August is preparing to vanish it seems as if I have suddenly come out of a long knitting slumber to rediscover my knitting needles and all of my stash and my books and kits and feel like a brand new knitter!  I just hope this doesn’t happen every single summer.  This would really annoy me, and my husband, since he expects sweaters in the Fall and Winter, especially this Fall and Winter and he won’t get them until the Winter and probably then until deep winter, i.e. January and February.

Last night I came up with a wonderful little idea for a gift for a friend of mine.  A cute little sweater that would just make her look absolutely adorable and make her so warm in the winter!  I’m hoping I can save up the money to get the money for the yarn for the sweater.  She is so very tiny I don’t believe it would take very much to do the project for her. 

The yarn for Hubby’s sweater I already have, I just have to make sure and just locate the stupid book or buy another one, which I really would hate to do because I’ve already had it purchased for me once before.  Having two copies of the same book would really make me feel silly, but, I suppose, it could come in handy in case a friend and I were working on similar or same projects and needed to compare notes.

I am ever so glad the knitting mojo has returned in its proper proportion.  🙂


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