Knitting Ideas Are Now Overflowing


Yesterday I succeeded and made it to Barnes & Noble and ordered another copy of Rowan Vintage Knits so I can complete the sweaters for my husband and best friend for Christmas. I also picked p a beautiful planner for the remainder of this year and next year, mostly for the look of it: Since I am going to be selling Avon now, I wanted a nice planner that would be pretty when I pulled it out of my purse or bag and still have my Moleskin planner for all of the mundane, wild and wooly stuff that actually keeps me organized on top of everything else. In many ways I didn’t need it, of course, but it looks so good! I guess it was an impulse by that I fell in love with and couldn’t put down. I’ll post a picture of it as soon as possible. It’s adorable.

On the knitting front there are ideas flipping and flopping over themselves in my brain for position to be put onto the needles first. I need a scarf to go with the hat my sister Becky got me for winter – it’s a gray and pink hounds tooth newsboy cap that looks perfect with my purse and simply should have a scarf to go with it. The only problem is…I don’t have the correct colors currently in my stash for the scarf at the moment and, quite honestly, no cash to go purchase or order the yarn for it at the moment (which has made me purposely stay away from KnitPicks so I wouldn’t be tempted to order yarn I don’t have money for at the moment. Next comes socks. I do have sock yarn that does need knitted up at the moment, the only problem is I haven’t selected the pattern for my next socks. Since they are for me I don’t have to worry about the heel because of the weird feet I possess, which suits me just fine. Another thing that could go onto the needles are the fingerless mitts out of the Wicked green and black fingering weight yarn for the next Harry Potter movie I’d like to do for myself, which would also require a nice scarf and a hat of some sort. Could I also throw in a pair of socks before November 21? That would be a lot of knitting, and it would also take away from the sweater knitting for Christmas…. As I said, there are a ton of ideas floating around in my head all of a sudden for knitting, PLUS I need to finish the pillow I want to do for my neck. I really do need that neck pillow.

Now, along with knitting, I have also begun thinking of tons of other things to sew as well as several other money making endeavors. Yarn is not cheap or free. *sigh* Everything always has a price doesn’t it, and time is never as abundant as you need, whether or not your body requires an extra amount of rest or not, and yes, this does concern me, but there isn’t anything I can do about that – I have to make some money and I have to make a little extra cash for books and cafe mocha’s and Christmas presents for the folks who simply don’t like handmade presents (they simply don’t understand the time and love it requires to make those).

This means I have three businesses to run more or less and a lot of time to put into a 24 hour span and a body that simply doesn’t appreciate me as it is. Hopefully there will be time to give it as much TLC as possible.


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