Christmas is SO Close!

"Twist" in spun yarns or ropes is of...

“Twist” in spun yarns or ropes is often labeled S-twist or S-laid (for left-handed twist) and Z-twist or Z-laid (for right-handed twist), due to the respective left and right of the central sections of those two letters. To visually determine the handedness of the twist of a rope/yarn/etc, sight down a length of it; the direction of the twists as they progress away from you, left or right, reveals their handedness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am knitting like mad on personal projects as well as Christmas gifts.  Plus, I am waiting on yarn to come in for varied and interesting reasons.

It is wonderful being able to take time out in the day to knit.  The act of creativity is marvelous, especially since you can see it right away.  Writing is not quite so instantaneous as far as seeing the results of your handiwork because sometimes you have to trash the thing and start all over again.  Of course, I am not saying this ever happens in knitting!  No!  Never!


Taking a break from a lot of work to do a few things, like updating this blog while visions of yarn dance madly through my imagination!


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