Knitting Disaster 2013

Alpaca-wool. Svenska: Alpackaull

Alpaca-wool. Svenska: Alpackaull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A knitting
disaster has befallen me! Last night I had a quarter of a scarf
finished for a present for Christmas. This morning I have a quarter
of a partially eaten scarf and gnawed bits throughout the rest
of yarn thanks to my adorable puppy, Willie.


Willie didn’t get
to sleep in the bedroom with me and Carlos last night. Willie is
getting pretty big now and we only have a smallish queen sized bed as
it is. Willie likes to sleep either on top of Carlos or between me
and Carlos with his head on my arm or shoulder. Normally, when
Willie and I cuddle, his butt is at the curve of my feet and his head
is at my chest – I am 4′ 11”. Willie is a BIG puppy.


Anyway, the last
thing I had with me last night was the knitting and he wanted to play
with the string as I was working on said scarf. There were several
“no’s” and “no can has” comments while I was working on said
scarf. Sad-but-hopeful brown eyes would look up at me and I would
pet him and he would forget about the yarn and lay down beside me
before his attention would get caught by the yarn again. Repeat


When we went to
bed last night I put the knitting in the recliner, which is where it
usually goes, and is left alone. Last night this was not so.


The yarn is
salvageable, but not good enough – now – for use in making a
present. There is also no back-up yarn because I had ordered the
yarn I was using.


Maybe I can find
some yarn to make fingerless mitts at the very least!



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