So Close!


The knitting for the wonderful-brightly-colored-purse-of-summer is done!  Last night the ends were weaved in and today I am off to the store to find metal rings for the handles.  Now I must decide if I am going to use an i-cord strap or something else.

Pictures will be following SOON!


Excited Progress


The purse is advancing faster than I expected.  Before there is a work-in-progress photo there may actually be a finished work photo!  *gasp*

Have the cloth I want to use for the lining, but, sadly, did not get any sewing thread.  I really thought I already had some purple thread, but, alas, I do not; however, this is one thing easily remedied.

I am all a-quiver with excitement!  Soon I will be carrying my new summer purse!!!!

Knitting Like A Maniac


Yes, there is something new on the needles!  No, I currently do not have any photos, but this will change within the next couple of days, or perhaps hours.  It is a nice, bright purse for summer.  I even have fabric for lining and more yarn for hand warmers, fingerless mitts, and soon there will be more yarn purchases for sweaters, hats, and who knows what else!

Knitting makes me happy and relaxes the fevered brain when the writing gets too much.  See you soon!