A Return to Ravelry



It has been a long time since I had visited Ravelry.  I went back a couple of days ago and felt my entire mind relax.  Here were like knitting minds such as mine and there was a plethora of knitting knowledge waiting to be tapped if questions would only be asked.

I roamed the site looking at old groups I had joined many moons ago.  My favorite ones were actually inactive and I found some new ones that just may turn into favorites.

There was laughter at anecdotes and knitting stories; beautiful pictures of knitting finished objects as well as works in progress.  Everywhere on Ravelry I looked people were getting on with their knitting lives and general lives and were living through whatever it was they needed to live through with fellow knitters by their cyber-sides.  I didn’t realize I had missed it so much until that moment.

So, now I have returned to Ravelry just as I have “returned” from a knitting hiatus and am feeling more settled mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually since taking up the needles again.  Even The Husband has mentioned it to me, as have a couple of friends.

“Things are back to normal, now, I see,” one of them said when asked what I was doing and I said I was knitting.  “Good to know you are feeling better.  We all knew you weren’t feeling well when you weren’t looking for yarn and different patterns.”  Even I had not realized how bad I was in pain until the pain was pushed far enough away my life, and an important part of my life could return.

Today was a crappy writing day for me, but I am not going to let it get me down.  Instead, I am going to turn myself over to knitting on my new fingerless mitts and lining my Super Spectacular Purse Of Summer.


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