Flare and Flair


Check Out The NewsI have to admit, today is a bad physical day.  I had intended to write like the wind today and catch up on word counts and tons of other projects, but Arthur has other plans for me.  Arthur, as in arthritis.  Yes, I know, it isn’t original, but it is the truth.

Today my entire body feels as if it is on lock-down.  My right knee is swollen and painful to the touch while my feet are just simply throbbing.

My hands, however, are not the worst, which is a blessing.  My right hand is swelling and painful, but it isn’t throbbing and aching so badly I cannot type, or knit.  Thank You, God.

And, of course, my back and neck are simply not happy and letting me know when I move too quickly, too slowly, or I am not in just the right position.  *sigh*  It takes a lot of work to get this body into any kind of a comfortable place today.  Overall, I feel yucky from head to toe.

So, being creative in the writing department is somewhat iffy today.  Already there have been several attempts at getting words down but only after a couple hundred words the fingers need to rest and my sitting position must change.

So, what’s a girl to do in this situation?  Knit.  At least I can do all the shifting necessary to keep the body as comfortable as possible and I can still work my hands and keep the fingers limber as well as ease some of the stress of just being under the weather today.  I need to finish my scarf and start on my hat anyway.

I was going to put cables into the scarf, but may actually wait and do this for another scarf.  There is some yarn at Hobby Lobby that would look great with a cable running up the center.  It has some sparkle, but not so much it would look gaudy.

I may even put Maria Wern on and just knit and watch TV today.  Sometimes you just have to listen to the body, no matter how much you don’t want to, and give it what it needs to heal so you can get back to having your normal life.


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