Knitting Like The Wind And A New Discovery


Knitting projects are on the needles, Christmas music sometimes plays in the background, the dogs are in various stages of sleep around me, the turtle lounges happily in his day box, and the yarn feels perfect in my hands.  You just can’t beat a day like that can you?  I can’t, especially since they don’t come around very often.

Currently there are three projects on the needles and a fourth will soon go onto a knitting loom.  The knitting loom is a new experience for me.  I played with a couple in the past, but haven’t done a project start to finish on one.  Part of me is really looking forward to the new experience and part of me is just a little unsure because the project is part of a Christmas present.  Luckily for me the present isn’t needed until Old Christmas, January 7th, 2015.

These are the projects, so far, on the needles:

Hat in black classic

Garter stitch scarf


In order – a garter stitch scarf, a hat I am going to do some embroidery on, and a sweater.  Yes, there is excitement about these projects!  It has been a long time since knitting has lifted my spirits as much as it has.  Hopefully this feeling will never be misplaced again.

And the discovery?  It is a show on YouTube called Come Knit With Us.  Hosted by two knitters from their LYS in Arizona, it is educational, entertaining, and simply just fun.  It really does feel as if you are knitting with friends, and since there isn’t a local group I can join on a continuous basis because of health reasons, this is perfect for yours truly.  If you haven’t seen this delicious show you should give it a view.


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