In The Loom


I am still using the knitting loom for some quick knitting.  I like the loom.  I like how quickly it produces results.  I even enjoy learning a different way of making some of the basic stitches.  However, now my hands are itching for a return to needles.  As soon as this last project comes off the loom I am picking up the project on the needles and putting wonderful minutes and hours onto said project.

It is amazing how much pleasure can come from a piece of string and two pointy sticks (at least).


Looking Ahead To More Knitted Goodies



Today is Old Calendar Christmas and for anyone enjoying such a wonderful day, “Christ is born!  Glorify Him!” and a good ol’ “Merry Christmas!”

In the next few days the husband and I  hosting a late Christmas party for the friends who couldn’t enjoy Christmas with us.  How could they sans us?!  I’m joking.  We do this every year and call it “The Family Christmas.”  This year is no different and either Saturday or Tuesday – the day is suddenly in question – there will be people over and food, laughter, board and party games, and just happiness, I hope, all around.

My hands are a bit unhappy with me so I am making sure to get everything done with a knitting loom.  I haven’t used one before and after much research on the Internet and YouTube I figured out what I needed to do and set off at a quick pace.

The knitting loom is actually very fast.  The first item on the loom, and thus the first item now ready to come off, is a hat.  There is some embroidery I’m going to be doing for it and a pair of finger-less mitts and a scarf.  To keep everything in the unit actually looking like a unit, I am making sure to do everything except the embroidery, of course, on the loom.  I am feeling confident everything will work out well.  The hat looks remarkably good.  Now all I have to do is make sure I know how to take the hat off the loom.

What are you working on?



Wow, another year has arrived and resolutions have been made.  Mine are simple this year – just be better.  I just want to be an all around better person, writer, knitter, wife, friend, sister, etc.

All of the presents were pretty much finished and gifted.  There is one set to complete for Old Christmas and a sweater for my adorable husband.

Having said this and staying up way too late I am now off to bed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!