It Is Late, But I’m Finally Relaxing


The novel is moving along quite well.  There are 8,000+ words so far, and this is from writing every day plus some research.  Did you know oats were used by the ancient Egyptians?  For some reason this surprised me.  It probably shouldn’t have, but it did.

For some reason, this week has been really stressful.  My best friend suggests it is probably because my birthday is coming up and me and DH are broke until he can get another job.  His joblessness is not because of lack of trying, though.  He has gone on job interviews and filling out more than one job application per day.  Also, if I find something online I think he could do, I also apply.  The list between us is quite impressive.  However, he isn’t employed as of now.

To be quite honest, I am not stressed DH doesn’t have a job because my birthday is Sunday.  I am stressed because he just doesn’t have a job.  Period.  Add to this the difficulties of writing and telling a good story, medicines I need bought, and a laundry list of other items, the stress meter gets pretty high.

Besides prayer, which I feel like I’ve been slacking on (and I’m pretty sure I have been slacking in the prayer department), the one thing keeping me going is knitting.  I said as much to one of my dearest friends this week and she simply didn’t understand.  She looked at me as if another head was growing on my shoulders or I’d suddenly started speaking in a foreign language.

“Well, you do what you want, just remember a nice shot of whiskey never did anyone harm,” she said.  I laughed and agreed.  We politely changed the subject.

What I said, for me, is true.  There is something about the yarn forming patterns, a piece of fabric growing from the needles, eases up the stress in my shoulders, my heart, mind, and possibly part of my soul.

I’m not addressing the problems – there really isn’t anything I can do about them most of the time – but the weight of them eases while I’m knitting.  Luckily I’ve heard other knitters say the same thing.  Do you think it helped the people who knitted because they had to hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago?  They had to knit for warm clothing.  It wasn’t just a hobby, but a necessity of life.  Did the necessity of it, do you think, take away from the joy of the knitting?  What do you think?

I just wanted to share this thought before getting ready for bed.  I’m going to knit a few more rows and say a few prayers and head off to sleep.

Hope everyone out there has a great night/day, and your yarn doesn’t tangle.


The Yarn Harlot Has Us Pegged


The above is the latest post by The Yarn Harlot.  Most of us knitters know who she is.  I figure most knitters read her blog anyway, but, this time, she sounded a lot like me when I talk to people who don’t knit about why I do.  Plus, she also did something I would probably end up doing.  I will let you read the post and figure out what it is.

In other news of my own:  I haven’t picked up the needles for two days and, yes, I’m feeling it, but the novel must be worked on or else there won’t be a novel.  However, one of the rewards to myself for working on the novel this evening is knitting for at leat 30 minutes.

I’m Seriously Thinking Of Tackling Intarsia…


Don’t forget, there’s still time to enter the splendiferous Stylecraft giveaway. Just click this link. In this post, an easy hack for how to control all those bobbins when you’re doing complex colourwork, especially intarsia. Colourwork is a fantastic thing in knitting and crochet: it’s like painting with yarn – even painting in three dimensions,…

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