Knitting has begun


It has been a while since I have posted here.  It has also been a while since I have

Beginnings of HP Mitts for Nov 2010

really picked up the needles to do any knitting at all; however, since the newest Harry Potter movie is coming out I decided it was time to pick up the needles and get started on the knitted things that I was going to be wearing for that evening.  Since it is also going to be one of my bestest friends in the whole world’s birthday celebrations as well, it is only right to get it started now and get it right.  So, here is the beginning of a pair of fingerless mitts.  Of course.  The mitts always comes first.  Don’t ask me why, that’s just the way it goes. 

The next item is going to be a hat, and, I’m thinking, a nice lap cover on very large needles and, perhaps, a shawl, or maybe a shawl instead of a lap cover.  Either way, there is going to be two small items and one larger item for the movie, and since it will be a normal winter-ish release the weather is going to be chilly, and this means it is going to call for warmer coverings.  This makes me happy.  The summer release of the other movie wasn’t right in some weird way.  It should have been in the colder months so we could have dressed up proper like! 

Now I am getting all excited about knitting again.  And for Christmas.  Yes, this is going to be a handmade Christmas mostly for yours truly.  I just don’t have money to purchase a lot of things.  Thank the Good Lord for sheep, alpaca, and knitting!  Thank You God!