Flare and Flair


Check Out The NewsI have to admit, today is a bad physical day.  I had intended to write like the wind today and catch up on word counts and tons of other projects, but Arthur has other plans for me.  Arthur, as in arthritis.  Yes, I know, it isn’t original, but it is the truth.

Today my entire body feels as if it is on lock-down.  My right knee is swollen and painful to the touch while my feet are just simply throbbing.

My hands, however, are not the worst, which is a blessing.  My right hand is swelling and painful, but it isn’t throbbing and aching so badly I cannot type, or knit.  Thank You, God.

And, of course, my back and neck are simply not happy and letting me know when I move too quickly, too slowly, or I am not in just the right position.  *sigh*  It takes a lot of work to get this body into any kind of a comfortable place today.  Overall, I feel yucky from head to toe.

So, being creative in the writing department is somewhat iffy today.  Already there have been several attempts at getting words down but only after a couple hundred words the fingers need to rest and my sitting position must change.

So, what’s a girl to do in this situation?  Knit.  At least I can do all the shifting necessary to keep the body as comfortable as possible and I can still work my hands and keep the fingers limber as well as ease some of the stress of just being under the weather today.  I need to finish my scarf and start on my hat anyway.

I was going to put cables into the scarf, but may actually wait and do this for another scarf.  There is some yarn at Hobby Lobby that would look great with a cable running up the center.  It has some sparkle, but not so much it would look gaudy.

I may even put Maria Wern on and just knit and watch TV today.  Sometimes you just have to listen to the body, no matter how much you don’t want to, and give it what it needs to heal so you can get back to having your normal life.


It’s Finished!!!



The awesome Super Fun Purse Of Summer is finished!  Squeee!  I am so excited!

Not only is the knitting done, but the thing is lined and the strap is made and on the purse.  It is ready for carrying!

Now I am going to work on some simple fingerless mitts for winter with a cabled scarf an

A Return to Ravelry



It has been a long time since I had visited Ravelry.  I went back a couple of days ago and felt my entire mind relax.  Here were like knitting minds such as mine and there was a plethora of knitting knowledge waiting to be tapped if questions would only be asked.

I roamed the site looking at old groups I had joined many moons ago.  My favorite ones were actually inactive and I found some new ones that just may turn into favorites.

There was laughter at anecdotes and knitting stories; beautiful pictures of knitting finished objects as well as works in progress.  Everywhere on Ravelry I looked people were getting on with their knitting lives and general lives and were living through whatever it was they needed to live through with fellow knitters by their cyber-sides.  I didn’t realize I had missed it so much until that moment.

So, now I have returned to Ravelry just as I have “returned” from a knitting hiatus and am feeling more settled mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually since taking up the needles again.  Even The Husband has mentioned it to me, as have a couple of friends.

“Things are back to normal, now, I see,” one of them said when asked what I was doing and I said I was knitting.  “Good to know you are feeling better.  We all knew you weren’t feeling well when you weren’t looking for yarn and different patterns.”  Even I had not realized how bad I was in pain until the pain was pushed far enough away my life, and an important part of my life could return.

Today was a crappy writing day for me, but I am not going to let it get me down.  Instead, I am going to turn myself over to knitting on my new fingerless mitts and lining my Super Spectacular Purse Of Summer.

So Close!


The knitting for the wonderful-brightly-colored-purse-of-summer is done!  Last night the ends were weaved in and today I am off to the store to find metal rings for the handles.  Now I must decide if I am going to use an i-cord strap or something else.

Pictures will be following SOON!

Excited Progress


The purse is advancing faster than I expected.  Before there is a work-in-progress photo there may actually be a finished work photo!  *gasp*

Have the cloth I want to use for the lining, but, sadly, did not get any sewing thread.  I really thought I already had some purple thread, but, alas, I do not; however, this is one thing easily remedied.

I am all a-quiver with excitement!  Soon I will be carrying my new summer purse!!!!

Knitting Like A Maniac


Yes, there is something new on the needles!  No, I currently do not have any photos, but this will change within the next couple of days, or perhaps hours.  It is a nice, bright purse for summer.  I even have fabric for lining and more yarn for hand warmers, fingerless mitts, and soon there will be more yarn purchases for sweaters, hats, and who knows what else!

Knitting makes me happy and relaxes the fevered brain when the writing gets too much.  See you soon!