Feeling Better



Since I’m out of hospital and feeling better, there is a cowl on my loom because I’m needing something (a little) closer to instant satisfaction.  I don’t know what I’m going to call it yet.  Ideas?  Suggestions for names?


The Yarn Harlot Has Us Pegged



The above is the latest post by The Yarn Harlot.  Most of us knitters know who she is.  I figure most knitters read her blog anyway, but, this time, she sounded a lot like me when I talk to people who don’t knit about why I do.  Plus, she also did something I would probably end up doing.  I will let you read the post and figure out what it is.

In other news of my own:  I haven’t picked up the needles for two days and, yes, I’m feeling it, but the novel must be worked on or else there won’t be a novel.  However, one of the rewards to myself for working on the novel this evening is knitting for at leat 30 minutes.

Colored Lights, Christmas Music, and a Bag of Knitting


On Netflix there is a “movie” of winter landscapes with Christmas music as the background.  It is in the same frame of their A Fireplace For Your Home series.  Instead of the scene being a crackling fireplace, it is beautiful snowy landscapes.  The set-up will be perfect with this playing and a real fire in our fireplace.  *hugs self in happy anticipation* 

B, my husband, is putting up our Christmas tree.  This is a most interesting process to Willie who really didn’t pay attention last year.  B is now down in the floor working with lights and Willie is lying right by his head, watching intently what Carlos is doing with his hands.  And, for the past several minutes I’ve stalked the dog for a picture, but he has been observant – plus, mommy was probably too excited to be calm and so I’m sure Willie picked up on this, too.

Tonight I am going to work on the scarf and some on the sweater.  I need to make more progress on these two most of all.  Poppy needs his scarf before heading up North.  Having the sweater done in time for Carlos to wear for Old Christmas would be sweeeet! 

Christmas is SO Close!

"Twist" in spun yarns or ropes is of...

“Twist” in spun yarns or ropes is often labeled S-twist or S-laid (for left-handed twist) and Z-twist or Z-laid (for right-handed twist), due to the respective left and right of the central sections of those two letters. To visually determine the handedness of the twist of a rope/yarn/etc, sight down a length of it; the direction of the twists as they progress away from you, left or right, reveals their handedness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am knitting like mad on personal projects as well as Christmas gifts.  Plus, I am waiting on yarn to come in for varied and interesting reasons.

It is wonderful being able to take time out in the day to knit.  The act of creativity is marvelous, especially since you can see it right away.  Writing is not quite so instantaneous as far as seeing the results of your handiwork because sometimes you have to trash the thing and start all over again.  Of course, I am not saying this ever happens in knitting!  No!  Never!


Taking a break from a lot of work to do a few things, like updating this blog while visions of yarn dance madly through my imagination!


Settling in to Knit

Comparison of a hank of yarn and the ball made...

Comparison of a hank of yarn and the ball made from it. Lavender silk, and slightly shiny. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been months since I have posted anything to the knitting blog. Usually knitting helps with all upheavals in life, but sometimes the upheavals and changes can knock the wind out of any knitter. Only recently have I located some yarn that actually speaks to me and is encouraging my fingers and mind to come together to create something pretty. This time the creativity is just for myself – the silly little scarf I planned for myself back in February 2011. Yeah, it’s sad isn’t it.


A lot has happened between then and now. We lost the house. We had to move literally at a moment’s notice, with two dogs. We had to make a home out of a completely unknown place. The wind got knocked out of me and it affected my writing and my knitting. My two great joys.


Things have settled down some and I am feeling a little more alive and stronger than I have felt in a while spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and even physically to a point. This right hand of mine does not like me all the time, but, with breaks, I can still knit and be happy.


The scarf is progressing. The first phase of it is almost finished. Not only this, but I have even ordered some yarn to crank out a Christmas present for Big Daddy. There are also plans for finishing up some projects as well as new ones.


Life is slowly coming back to order, and knitting is helping with that.


Happy knitting all!