Colored Lights, Christmas Music, and a Bag of Knitting


On Netflix there is a “movie” of winter landscapes with Christmas music as the background.  It is in the same frame of their A Fireplace For Your Home series.  Instead of the scene being a crackling fireplace, it is beautiful snowy landscapes.  The set-up will be perfect with this playing and a real fire in our fireplace.  *hugs self in happy anticipation* 

B, my husband, is putting up our Christmas tree.  This is a most interesting process to Willie who really didn’t pay attention last year.  B is now down in the floor working with lights and Willie is lying right by his head, watching intently what Carlos is doing with his hands.  And, for the past several minutes I’ve stalked the dog for a picture, but he has been observant – plus, mommy was probably too excited to be calm and so I’m sure Willie picked up on this, too.

Tonight I am going to work on the scarf and some on the sweater.  I need to make more progress on these two most of all.  Poppy needs his scarf before heading up North.  Having the sweater done in time for Carlos to wear for Old Christmas would be sweeeet! 

Dang It!

A picture of a scarf being knitted on single p...

A picture of a scarf being knitted on single point needles out of homespun yarn (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have literally run out of yarn for my scarf.  My significant other was trying to get me to frog part on said scarf and then to bind off as needed.

That is well and good and a suggestion I would gladly have taken except for just how close I am to having the scarf completed.  Tonight I just couldn’t do any frogging because of that.  Tomorrow is another day, of course, but today I just feel as if I have run out of yarn.  Hopefully the yarn I ordered will come in soon.

I also need to make myself, and some others, a set of fingerless mitts.  I can’t find any of the ones I have made myself and I am really interested in trying a different pattern.  It doesn’t have to be uber hard, it just needs to be different.  Maybe I could practice with cables….