A New Challenge and a Hat!


Well, the husband never did get the yarn I wanted out of the “knitting room” for me, but a friend did, so there is a hat almost finished. The husband wants “ears” on the hat, which I am going to provide in my own special way, of course. The hat is quite interesting looking actually. It has a lot of room for hubby’s dreads and is extremely warm. With the addition of “ears” the hat is going to be toasty warm.

Since the knitting mojo has returned, so has my curisoity about knitting in general. Part of this knitting curiosity has been pricked because of an episode of Knitting Daily TV on our local PBS station about Portuguese Knitting.

In this style of knitting the yarn goes on a knitting pin at your left shoulder or around your neck. The yarn is held differently but has less movement, which is making me thing that this way of knitting might be just a little faster than what I normally do – English style – of knitting.

Since I do have a hat almost completed I am not going to attempt it yet, but the next project is going to be done with the Portuguese style just to see if it is indeed faster and easier on my hands.

For reference and to let you know what I am talking about if you haven’t seen the show, here is a video for the knit stitch as well as one for the purl stitch.

Perfect Knitting Weather


This has been an odd week for yours truly. My right shoulder has been absolutely unhappy with me. Then, Thursday, I slid and injured my shoulder, which has not made me a happy person at all! There was a very loud *crack* and then lots of pain, plus a nice knot.

No, I didn’t go to the doctor right away because there really isn’t anything they could do for me, especially since I walk with my crutches underneath my arms due to my hands having set wrists already. So, in order to fix the shoulder I wouldn’t be able to get up and move around or do anything independently. Plus, there wouldn’t be any work for me. No work means no paycheck. This is simply unacceptable at the moment. Thankfully the knot has gone down and the pain is just a little better.

There was snow this weekend, up to five inches around my house and in Lexington. (This is a picture of the land snow we had: I just didn’t feel up to grabbing a new picture just now.) Since knitting doesn’t really take movement of the shoulder, I have begun the husband’s newest hat.
Thanks to all of you with the suggestions! I actually held his hat ransom until there was yarn to work with! It made me feel all piratey. Arhhhh! Or, in this case…. Yarhnnnnn!